Photographs of the Corvair95 Rampside/Loadside Styling Buck

This is the styling buck done for both of the Corvair pickup trucks. The passenger's side is styled as a Rampside and the driver's side styled as a Loadside. The background scene appears to be the Design Dome at the GM Technical Center. Click on the photo in the table for a full-screen view. Note the bits and pieces of other vehicles visible in the edges of the original pictures.

Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3

Left Rear view, dated 3-19-59. Low air intake location, airplane-wing chrome trim, small bow-tie and large side-access door for under-bed compartment all differ from production. Tailgate badge says "Chevrolet." There is no rear engine access door, and rear bumper is more complex than production design. Note yard equipment in bed used to demonstrate rampside option and early Corvair sedan roofline beyond.Original photo shows some other interesting things in background.

Undated, solo photo showing loadside door function. Can anyone identify the man handling the roll of garden hose? The item behind him is a bag of "Turf Builder" fertilizer. Here's the original photo.

Left Front View, dated 3-19-59. Front bumper looks like production item. Outside rear-view mirror mount is similar, but smoother than production. No chrome windshield trim yet. Note back of Greenbrier/Corvan buck, design sketches on wall, more visible in Original. Note that engine intake vents are in removable panel. Battery/engine access, perhaps?

Many thanks to Kent Sullivan for the scans of these pictures.

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